Our Services

General Maintenance

Our tradespeople are qualified and experienced contractors with appropriate licenses and registrations, to ensure compliance and workmanship standards. We certify that work is complete, and that it complies with all relevant industry regulations.

Office Cleaning

To maintain a healthy work environment, which is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing, you need to ensure that your offices are regularly cleaned. Clients are impressionable, and our office cleaning services will ensure that their first impression of your company is a good one.

Medical Centre Cleaning

Our company provides cleaning services for medical facilities by firstly creating a cleaning schedule that suits the needs of the medical centre. We ensure that our schedule does not cause any disruption in the facility’s routine work. We target the known and potential trouble-spots.

School Cleaning

Running a school doesn’t just make you responsible for the education of students but also the health of the students, teachers, and other staff working there. A school environment needs to be spick and span as it is home to teachers, students and other staff during school hours. Crowded places often thrive with germs when cleanliness is not maintained and schools are no exception. 

Strata Cleaning

Strata properties are huge and complex, maintaining and cleaning these areas is not easy. Strata cleaning requires experience, not only with delivering cleaning service, but also for providing relevant information to associated organizations such as local councils. Strata properties are cost-effective housing and it is extremely important to maintain a high standard for these properties.

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning uses a spray of high-pressure water to clean up mold, mud, dust, grime, and loose paint from different surfaces, vehicles and buildings. A high-pressure cleaner is designed in a way that cleans surfaces rapidly and uniformly. A high-pressure cleaner does a lot of heavy-duty cleaning and is used to clean large areas such as industries and offices.