If our homes are going to be the family safety zone for the unforeseeable future, keeping them clean and the enemy virus out is top of mind.

COVID-19 is not just another flu. It is a potentially lethal infection with serious consequences. We learned from the epidemic in China that most of those who got infected got the virus from someone who didn’t know they had it. So we need to avoid contact with others in the community who have mild or no symptoms. 

UNSW virologist Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid is confident households can minimise their exposure if the right procedures are followed.

How do I stop COVID-19 spreading to my home?

Here are few tips: 

Wipe down items brought into the house.

Take off your shoes at the front door.

Wash your hands, thoroughly. A thorough hand wash with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds is essential.

Can I clean on my own with household cleaning products? 

Professor Brett Mitchell told ABC Radio Sydney that highly sought after products like hand sanitiser and disinfectant sprays were not enough to kill the virus on their own. 

Corona virus is commonly transferred by hand-to-face touching, experts recommend wiping down all surfaces that are regularly handled. However we touch numerous surfaces that we don’t even realise. 

Here are some more cleaning tips for our Adelaide home owners:

  • If you just want to clean, then hot, soapy water is generally enough
  • If you want to disinfect, clean first, then disinfect with the least toxic, most biodegradable product that does the job
  • Make sure that whichever product you use, you don’t damage the surface you’re working on
  • Different advice might apply if there’s someone at home with an open wound or a poor immune system

While these measures might not guarantee freedom from infection, Dr Stelzer-Braid said they help ensure the chances of the virus entering a home are minimised. There are several surfaces that remain uncleaned and infected – which is why we offer fumigation process that disinfects all the surfaces in your house. 

Call us today or send us a message to enquire about it. Until then, stay safe.